The Practices

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Dr Frontera offers his services to patients at a great location  in central London very well connected by public transport. Therefore you will find less difficult booking an appointment that suits you : you can pick a day and a time, in a place not too far from where you spend most of your day. It is bonus at a time when we all live an hectic life.

Cap City Dental:

Right in the middle of the financial district this practice is ideal for the busy person who works in the City and needs flexible appointments efficiently delivered. The clinic is integrated with a network of other healthcare professionals and often allows to catch two birds with a stone.

Your First Visit:

At your first appointment Dr Frontera will conduct a thorough examination of your oral cavity, using digital Xrays and Intraoral Cameras to clearly identify any possible clinical problem and make it known to the patient, that in a simple language and avoiding technical jargon.
The possible treatments will be explained and discussed, and an initial treatment plan will be given in writing, with all the cost clearly detailed, and without any obligation to proceed further.
The first visit is on offer at the discounted price of £50.00, inclusive of the basic XR.